Abstract - Natural Thinking About Timeliness

Referent: E. Douglas Jensen, Time-Critical Technologies

Titel: Natural Thinking About Timeliness

In the field of real-time computing systems, engineers think about time-constrained tasks in terms of deadlines, then map the deadlines to the native priorities of the run-time (usually a real-time OS) since currently no COTS RTOS supports deadline-based scheduling directly. There are two ways in which such priority assignments are lossy.
First, not all task time constraints are actually deadlines.
Second, mapping any time constraints (deadlines or not) to priorities is lossy because the granularity of time constraints is much finer than the number of priorities.
In this presentation, we show that the first of these two priority assignment processes can be much more effective if engineers would recognize that the timeliness of most real-time computing tasks can be thought about the same intuitive and natural way they think about timeliness of the tasks they perform in their personal and professional lives.

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